Victor, New York

"… The finish is first class, glass smooth with no unfilled pores. All rhetoric aside, you are a gentleman, your work is first class, and those are the highest compliments I can pay anyone!"

Gabe M.
Ithaca Stock Refinish

"I picked up this gorgeous 20 gauge this morning, and successfully infiltrated it into my gun safe the same day. Boy, you weren't kidding about that laser engraving, it is absolutely

incredible. And your touches of distinction, the jewelling, put a beautiful finishing touch on the gun. Gosh, I love those pre-war firearms. The figure in the wood is extremely attractive. And boy, this gun is light! As much as I didn't expect to hunt with this gun, I may have to indulge the old girl and introduce her to her rightful destiny. Thank you for your patience, creativity, and diligence. I will remain a proud caregiver of this gun for many, many years to come."

Warren G.
New SHD Ultra37

"I am so impressed with the final work on the entire gun that, had I not carried it hundreds of miles and shot hundreds of pheasants over the past 25 years, I would have had to check the serial number to be sure you hadn't sent me a new one fresh from the factory. It was obvious to my wife that I was happy with your work since I carried the finished gun around the house all evening, and she jokingly offered to sleep in the spare bedroom if I wanted to take it to bed with me…"

Eric O.
Ithaca Restoration

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"I just picked up my re-stocked M37 from Frank. He did a beautiful job. I could NOT be more pleased with his work. Frank was great to work with and his customer service is second to none. He kept me updated on his progress with my stock through the whole process, sending e-mails with photos after each step. The high quality of his work is well worth the

money and his expertise has produced a piece that I will be proud to pass down to my own son someday… a true treasure."

Rich F.
Ultra Grade Stock & forearm Set

"It is always a pleasure to deal with Frank and Sycamore Hill Designs. Thus far, Frank and his employees have refurbished several of my firearms, which ranged from simple stock repair to complete overhauls. Every time I received my firearm back, I have been pleasantly surprised.

My standards are pretty high, and their attention to detail surpasses all my expectations. I don't know how to thank Frank and his employees, but I can honestly say I will always use and recommend them to whomever I speak with.
Thanks Frank!"

Chris B.
US Postal Inspector

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