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Stock Finishing

We offer a range of modern and traditional wood finishes for your firearm project. Modern finishes are tough-as-nails, and provide excellent adhesion and durability while remaining non-yellowing and UV resistant. Modern finishes are available in a variety of sheens from matte to high gloss. Traditional finishes - in many cases using the same formulations as the original manufacturers - are available for faithful reproduction & restoration work.

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Finish Options

Our standard finish is a two-part satin sheen conversion varnish. We don't use fillers as they tend to muddy the grain of the wood. Instead, multiple coats of finish are sprayed on, sanding between coats until the grain is completely filled. Lacquers & polyurethanes are sprayed in a similar fashion if desired.

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Finish Options

We also offer the option of a hand-rubbed oil finish - a finishing process that is incredibly time consuming & labor intensive, and results in the finest traditional finish available for high-grade firearms.

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Final Inspection

The finish of each stock is inspected at 2.5X magnification before it leaves our shop. This inspection ensures that the completed stock has a level topcoat that is free from dust and shows no open pores in the grain.

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