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Personal Fitting

"Shooting a gun that doesn't fit properly is like walking in shoes that are too tight… it can be done, but by the end of the day you can get pretty uncomfortable."

Shooting comfort is important for enjoyment of the sport, both to reduce some of the physical stresses that occur when discharging a firearm, and to prevent fatigue from a long day of competitive target shooting.

We want to accomplish three things when fitting your gun - comfort, accuracy, and consistency.

A fitting session usually takes less than an hour, and in the process we'll measure both you & your gun for Length of Pull, Drops at the Heel and Comb, Cast, Toe, and Pitch Angle. We'll review your form, sight picture, aim point, and the gun's balance, then recommend any changes that would help bring the gun into alignment. Fitting is free (we ask that you call to make an appointment for the session) and there's never any obligation to change or purchase anything.

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Adjusting the Stock Fit

An adjustable recoil pad can be used to correct issues with Cast and Toe, and an adjustable comb is installed for correcting Cast and Drops. Both of these adjusters will help improve your accuracy and consistency. The Length of Pull can be adjusted for your physical comfort and to compensate for minor gun balance issues. The Pitch Angle is adjusted by either trimming or fitting shims to the stock. The correct Pitch will help you acquire targets sooner and can lessen the severity of the recoil.

Restock Your Gun for a Custom Fit

A new stock from Sycamore Hill Designs will let you experience all of the advantages that come with a custom fit stock while maintaining the original lines of the gun, and without the added weight associated with bolt-on style stock adjusters.

We start with a fitting session, then design the stock with a geometry to fit your body style & shooting posture. The process from fitting to completion takes about 14 weeks and the result is a tailored & functional addition to your favorite firearm.

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